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Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Sparking Kiln

So I went in to load a bisque kiln last night only to discover that there were melted bits to the plug and outlet of my kiln! The seconds sale is only a week away, and the Snow Farm Sale is just 2 months away! Help! Anyone know a great inexpensive electrician. I will have to call Monday and get them out there asap.

Anyway...i was going to fire more of these great mugs this week.

Oh, I guess it is always something. Just when I thought I was breaking even...coming slightly ahead out of the starting gate. Ugh!

I had also been working on these Sushi plates for MMO, but when I went to put them in the kiln last night I realized that all but 1 were badly cracked in at least one corner. So, we will try round 2 today. They were...are going to be a lovely crackel green when they are done...maybe with a hint of a black/brown oxide wash on the sides...maybe a little stripe down one side.....This will work...this will work...I think I can...I think I can.......Okay, so off I go. I have a student to teach there today from 3-5. Today we will be learning the fine art of handle pulling. Lucky him. He wants a set of mugs, by golly I will have him walk out of there with a set of mugs!

And I think I might have a new student starting next Wednesday....keep your fingers crossed. I love students!

Happy rainy weekend all!

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