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Monday, September 22, 2008

So this week...

Well, the Snow Farm Holiday Sale is coming up which means that I have...well the deadline to drop off work is November 1st. So, it takes me at least a 2 week turn around...throw it, dry it, bisque it, glaze it, re-fire it. So I have 2 weeks left to throw for the sale. If you haven't been to the Snow Farm Holiday Sale...get your butt out there! It is so worth it. Glass, wood, jewlery, and of course, lots of fabulous pottery. It is the first 3 weekends in November, so plenty of time to get out there.

But...this is the reason I am having trouble getting out of my bed on the weekends to go to the studio...

And she is purring, an all warm and fuzzy under the blankets next to my leg or my tummy...so cute...little Olive.

But this weekend i have to get a bunch of the stemless wine glasses and the plates for MMO in the bisque either Saturday or Sunday, and then glaze them next weekend. Then maybe she will surrender the sweater to me that we are bartering....I love you Melissa...they are going to be so beautiful!!! And next week I move, so maybe I can get a few extra things done...in between unpacking..yeah...in between unpacking...sure. Oh why am I moving yet again.

No, in pet terms, this is my "forever home". And it has lots of space to store pots!

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