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Sunday, September 7, 2008

I did it and it didn't explode...kinda...

So, after calling the old owner about the strange burnt area on the kiln outlet she reminded me that it blew up some time last year and we replaced a few bits and pieces...so i got gutsy and ran it today. All was fine! except for the 2 pieces that I think someone put on the shelf not dry enough because I heard two pops..which means something exploded. Hey, if it's on the shelf that is for the "stuff ready to be fired", I am guessing it is actually so. Maybe not so much.

Anyway, my Sunday student was in today and completed these mugs! I am so happy. He really wanted to make a set of mugs and he sure did, along with some other great stuff as well! I have always wanted to have a "wine party" where everyone comes with a bottle of their favorite wine, and I make hand made wine glasses for everyone to use at the party and then take home. These may look huge, but they will shrink once they are fired, and they should come out to be good sized stemless wine glasses.
And finally I think I have MMO's sushi plates done! Well, not fired yet as they would have exploded from wetness too. But I tried 3 different ways after the first batch cracked and I have a winner! I actually like these so much I am thinking of making extra for myself. With the rim being nice and high I think it would hold sauce in the plate and not dribble it onto my lap. And the little wavy lines on the outside edge might act like speed bumps for runaway meatballs and such!

That's all for now. I have a first-timer student starting on Wednesday, so depending on his modesty level I might show off some first night pots. And there are bound to be lots of pictures from the Open House on Sunday! And if I know and love you and haven't linked to your blog it is because I can't figure out how to yet....sorry ladies! MMO, CR, Webs, Kirsten, and the Crafty Cat(probably way more too). I will figure it out soon!


Kat Good-Schiff said...

I love the wine party with pottery idea!

Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

I LOVE MY PLATES!! Also the wine glasses. Need.