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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday Firing..

So, I can't decide if I am happy with this lot of newly fired work. Some dots ran, others didn't. It is becoming a crapshoot with this new style and glazing technique I have been working on. I am trying to get a full body of work together that would present well in a gallery, but as soon as I think I have the whole thing ready...bad firing, handles break in drying, who knows. At this point I suspect elves come in during the night and booby trap the kiln. I guess I could embrace it and say that individuality is the wonderful thing about handmade items. But right now we will settle with a weak hug.

Cruets, my favorite thing in the world to make...my least best seller. Ugh!

Mugs...everyone loves mugs right? Depends on the show. One year, people are "I have too many mugs, I don't need any more", the next year, same show..."do you have any mugs, maybe a whole set?".

Batter bowl. Somehow it warped a little from the weight of the handle when it was firing, so it is a wee bit oval. Go figure.

And last but not least...Tumblers. I use these for everything...coffee(they keep your hands warm in the winter), a vase, pencil cup, knitting needle holder, and if I leave on one my night stand, it becomes a cat dish...I don't know why it becomes so much more appealing to Olive when the water isn't in her bowl, but in mine..???

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cheryl said...

Too bad about the dots bleeding! I think the tumblers turned out great. Thanks for the link to your blog - I will keep checking it out.