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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning

Well, it isn't what I expected to be having for Christmas morning but I am warm and safe and the bread that Jim gave me made it through security for the second time so my mom will get to experience Breadman's finest. I kept thinking they would at least have me unwrap it as it probably looks like plastic explosive...but with sunflower seeds.
Overall, life is pretty grand for me lately. I have no complaints. Wish everyone a most wonderful and safe holiday season.
Malea Rhodes

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Stranded in Cleveland

So i am stranded in Cleveland after my flight coming out od Chicago was 2 hours late. Heres my room, the picture i took of where i parked at the airport so i wouldnt forget and some pearl necklaces i have been working on in my "spare" time. I am now the lone soul at the bar with a bottle of Ravenswood Zin, portabella fritters and crab cake on the way. Very shaky flight on the way in...took 3 pills...still almost had a heart attack. Ugh. The next flight o am hoping they bump me to first class out of kindness. They are paying for the hotel and a $12 food voucher. A girl can barely get a martini on $12. Happy holidays to all. Seriously, what is wrong with a night to myself in a fancy hotel and a fabolous dinner? Merry Christmas to me!

Malea Rhodes