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Thursday, May 21, 2009

One Day Til Open House!

Crazy week for me. Crazy in a good way. I was just telling a co-worker about the book The Secret , it is one of those things you either believe in it or you don't. No big deal, (really, I am sooooo not trying to preach here! ) but for me, it just happened to work! I have used the principals over the past several months and seen results, but then over the past few weeks WOW! I got a free extra night in my vacation cottage, I exceeded my goal at the Twist Fair, I got a big wholesale order and I paid off my loan on the pottery studio, a FREE day off work...then tonight I won tickets to the Warped Tour and a gift certificate to the Spoleto restaurants! It has just been my week! Fate or not. But it has been great!!!

Now we have the upcoming Spring Studio Open House and all sorts of good stuff is going on this weekend! This weekend is the fabulous Paradise City Arts Festival , if you haven't been, it is wonderful! It is at the local fair grounds and is a serious jurried arts show featuring everything from hand made clothing to sculpture. All the best local restaraunts have a booth so you can eat, Herrel's Ice Cream usually has a booth. Lots to do. In my opinion the only down fall is they charge $12 to get in. But in all reality, that is pretty cheap for a days outing.

So, after you go to Paradise City, stop by our Open House and round out your day at the Northampton Brewery Deck for a great locally crafted beer.
So, here are a few pictures of my latest jewelry designs. Soon to be available on Etsy!

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As always, Cheers!

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Kat Good-Schiff said...

Malea, I love these necklaces! I almost bought one on Etsy today but I think I want to see them in person first... which means I might get to see you, too! Cheers, Kat