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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Getting back to my roots

Some years ago when I was in college I began experimenting with surface design. Not of my own doing, but my pots were so clean and strong and I was tending to stick with such simple glazes that, although they were finely made, were quite boring. So my professors told me if I didn't start doing some sort of surface treatment I would have to come up with some sort of new forms. I went for surface design.

In the beginning I took to slip trailing, squirting mud on to your pot similar to how a baker would pipe icing onto a cake. The form I always returned to was the leaf. And here I am again.
Over the past few years I have tried to boycott the leaf. Force myself to not be such a perfectionist with my forms and glazing techniques. But, what I have found was I was never happy with the results. So, I set about around a month ago to return to my roots, do what came naturally, return to the form and design I had shut out.

And low and behold I am happy with my pots again!

Sometimes it just takes walking away to make you appreciate it.

These photos are all from my phone so the colors aren't as lovely as in person, but I will probably be doing a photo shoot soon and getting them on etsy shortly. This is my line. My permanent collection of pottery that I will continue to make for years. Love it or ...well, I don't really want another critique. College is over, Professor Chamberlain has retired, and I am making my bread and butter design that my hand feels so comfortable doing.

Green and amber, always.
Below are some new glaze tests that came out of the kiln today. The deep blue was supposed to be a violet shade, but I think I might add some more manganese dioxide and make it a little darker to use with our glossy amber. So the green and honey amber will be my pale line and the deep blue and dark amber will be the more color saturated line. Something new eh?


Anonymous said...

i'm with you... i think you should always do whatever it is that makes you happy with your pots. if you are a perfectionist (as i am), i say embrace your perfectionism and see what comes out. lovely cups by the way and i dig the bottom right glaze test the most. came here from twitter and left comment here because no limit on characters.

Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

i love the surface stuff. also the amber and blue. really, really adore my firefly. really really.

Kristin said...

Stick to what makes you happy! I gotta say though, I love the leaves as always.