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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I am so impressed

I do a lot of donating to local schools and charities. Before I owned my studio I primarily gave away pottery to these events. Now I have the luxury of being able to teach from my space and share my love of clay with others. So I give free lessons.

This past weekend I had a lovely young studio guest, meet Lily.
I was blown away that this tiny girl not only could center by herself, but she made 5 pots all over an inch tall to boot! And this was her first time on the potters wheel!! Kudos to Lily! I can't wait to get her pots bisqued and back to her.
If you have ever tried to make pots on the potters wheel, you know how hard this is! I have permission to post these pictures of Lily from her mom. She will be checking in on the blog and it you would like to leave some comments here for her on how fabulous her daughter did...please do!


Kelly and Casey said...

Great job Lily! You are a true artist and we are so proud of you.

Katie said...

Wow! I am really impressed! I couldn't throw that many pots in a 3 hour class for a looooong time! (In fact, I am not sure I can even now) They are lovely and so are you.

Shelly said...

Amazing, Lily! It took me months of practice to pull pots that size. You've got the touch! Congratulations.

Owen said...

Hey Lily, here's hoping you work with clay for many years to come! Fantastic!

Jill said...

Woah! It looks like you've got a promising future as a talented potter ahead of you, Lily! I've also taught others to throw on the wheel (children *and* adults), and none, not ONE, has had the immediate success that it looks like you've had. Resounding applause!