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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chicken and a sale!

What a wonderful week. I now have a new found love for the Beer Can Chicken! That bird was so tender when I tried to take the beer can out the whole thing fell apart. I know it looks small, but the platter that it was on is HUGE! It was almost 8lbs. KT and I only ate half the breast. The rest was pulled, bones cooked down and is now a tasty broth in my freezer to be used for one of my Tuesday Night Knitting Club dinners.

The big news is that next Sunday, December 7th is my studio's Holiday Sale!

The Celadon Studio Annual Holiday Sale!

#38 The Maplewood Shops, Northampton, MA (basement level under Grumpy's Place)

Noon - 4pm

Stop in, buy some really great hand made pottery and ceramic art, try your hand at the potters wheel, sign up for a class, buy a class gift certificate for someone you love, or just hang out and talk to the potters!

There are 6 resident potters in the studio, and all will have work for sale so there will be a good variety of work to choose from. Definitely something for everyone.

Hope to see you there!


Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

I had heard this before about beer can chicken. Now need to try. First need chicken. Oh wait...I hear one crowing now...

Unknown said...

Beer Can Chicken is the best! I've done it on our grill and it's turned out awesome!