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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fresh From The Kiln

WOW! I unloaded the kiln today and it was a really good firing. It used to be that I always could count on an electric kiln firing consistently, then I discovered fast firings, then holding (holding the kiln at the peak temperature to get colors to bloom, or gas to escape), now it is like going back to square one. But that just makes it all the more like Christmas morning!

So, today we have Melissa's plates:
The color is really better in person. And I even brought my camera in this time instead of my phone. I can fire them again and get a more translucent color, more bright. Depending on if she likes this in person, I can either let it go, or have a redo. But sounds like the sweater up for barter is in it's early stages so we have some time. Love you Melissa......
And these are Jim's bowls! They came out really good. The last photo is a close up of the sunrise scene he carved into the surface before firing.
All of them lined up on the table. They had just come out of the kiln.
Sunrise teabowls!

So, Snow Farm actually starts this weekend...I was a week ahead of myself. So if any of you thought you missed it...there is still hope!

Have a great weekend everyone. I will post more pics of my wine glasses next week. I am thinking of some crazy glazing trials...fingers and toes crossed.

Bye for now!


Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

I love them. Although it might buy me time if I say I want them re-fired... ;)

I love them. And I would not say "early stages" There's a body. It just needs sleeves and a hood...

jooney said...

Wow, how gorgeous! Do you sell any of your pottery online? I live in Maryland, so I can't really get to Northampton. (Also, is any way to get those WEBS sheep ornaments by mail order?) Thanks so much!