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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

House Warming Gathering...

What a good time! I made stemless wine glasses for everyone, plus a few tumblers in case someone brought beer, or different tastes you know, keeps the world interesting. My friend Linda with Pioneer Valley Vineyard gave some wine to me for my guests to taste. When the guests arrived I gave them their choice of these: There were about double this many, but I had some in the dish strainer drying. I like to wash them right out of the kiln to get any chemical residue off. Better safe than develop a third eye. All thought a third eye might be useful, the constant staring by strangers would drive me mad!
These were laid out upside down so people could see the glazes and patterns more easily. Some were stoneware, others porcelain. Below are close ups of my Damaged Goods line. After the guests picked their wine glass, they had their choice of wine and then were shown to the dining area where they got to make needle felted coasters. I thought it would be fun to have things in my new home made by friends. It was so much fun! Most of the guests hadn't tried needle felting before and they were all helping each other, giving each other tips and critiques. It was like a giant ice breaking exercise with fabulous end results!
I had purchased wool roving from WEBS and a needle felting kit to get started. My friend Gail, the Kangaroo Dyer, gave me a giant bag of scraps, some hand dyed, and extra felting materials like needles and sponges.

Below are coasters by my friends Carey, J, Creedy, and KT.
Here we have Cirilia, Chase, Tina and Dena. Kat, Jane, Cara and Sage.
Sara, Fern, Jen, Me and Laura.

This is the lot of them laid out. All together everyone but 2 guests made a coaster, and everyone had a great time. Thanks everyone for coming! Now I have all sorts of great things to remind me of my friends! Thanks again! And if you see your name listed here and want me to link to your blog just shoot me an email at littlepottergirl@yahoo.com

And if you haven't checked out a random new blog lately, please check out my friend Jim's blog. He is just getting started, but is doing a great job!


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Anonymous said...

I had a great time and I lurve my awesome wine recepticle :)