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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Seriously...ETSY! and a new gallery too...

This is what I have up there right now...you need to go...at least make my a favorite or something so it makes me look good. : )

The bead store had the soft flex wire in sterling silver, and that stuff is so amazing to work with. nice and strong, it's 19 mini fibers bound into a cable wrapped in a soft clear coating. It is really flexible and soft. And now that I know it comes in sterling I don't think I will use anything else! Whoopie.
My student Melanie's pots came out of the kiln a few days ago..I will get you pics of that before she takes them home tonight.
I also just got into another gallery. This is the Lotus and Orchid in Keene, NH. They have an opening on April 3rd. If you are around you should check it out!
Okay...off to work!


Anonymous said...

Lotus and Orchid is new, at least to that place. I'd only just heard of it on your blog!

Beautiful jewelry Malea!

Malea said...

Thanks. I forget you are in town there. They are having an opening of sorts on April 3...I have to get my stuff there by then. You should swing by if you are home. :)