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Saturday, March 14, 2009

I need your thoughts, comments, critiques...

Okay, this is my newest design to date. I need feedback....puhleeze. I am pretty happy with it. it is a nice size mug, the handle feels good and it holds comfy in the hands if you are trying to warm them up on your tea in the morning. I have made matching soup bowls (with flat bottoms so I can bake French Onion soup in them), cups and serving bowls. I like the way the glazes layer over each other. And this is a new leaf thing for me, having it come off the pot...The colors are more lovely in person, but you get the idea. Thoughts? (I might be making it in a blue/amber combo as well). People like blue.

Okay...bring on the critique................


ChickenBetty said...

oooo. I'm a big fan of green/blues and brown. and that handle looks like a great place to rest my thumb.

Marti said...

I can't tell exactly how big the mug might be, but I like a nice, big cup of coffee in the morning and this looks like it would fit the bill. I also like the substantial handle. Would love to see it in blue.

Anonymous said...

Is the base glased? It doesn't seem to be. For me, that would be a negative. The form is very pleasing to the eye, and the incision pattern is especially nice. My own preference for handles is the C handle, which wouldn't suit this shape. Blue always seems to sell well, and we have been seeing a little more action on greens.
(Daughter of a potter)

Malea said...

The bottom is glazed. Its a waxy cream color, that overlapped with the brown makes the middle color.
And, I did make it in blue. I always try to shy away from blue because it is an old potter saying "money blue" because if it is blue it sells...generally speaking. But hey, if people want it, and it is pretty easy on the eye.
Thanks for the feedback!