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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Last night I had an extra weekly session at the Easthampton Massage School . I had been with a friend on Friday night but my back was so wrecked and then I forgot to stretch my hamstrings at all after the Give Peace A Tri, relay triathlon I did on Saturday. I was able to get in to see my favorite current student, Brian, and he once again worked miracles. If you have never been, it is only $25 for an hour and they ask that you leave a $5 tip. If you are a deep tissue kind of person, just tell them when you call to book your massage. They are great at hooking up the right students with the right people.

After that bit of loveliness, I went back to the homestead and began the purge again. I am working off the 100 Thing Challenge. Trying to limit my personal belongings to under 100 things. I was able to drop off a box of books at a local used book shop last night, tossed out 3 bags of trash, Freecycled another bag of yarn and donated another 2 large bags of linens and clothes.
I have to be in Baltimore this weekend for a bout, but boy if I had the weekend free I would be sipping some cold beer and cleaning house. After these past few days of tossing out so many things easily, I quickly found last night that I am not likely to get to the 100 Thing maximum. I did toss out a few pocketbooks, but what about that fancy one I use for weddings, and that one is too cute, should be carrying it more, that other one was hand made and I would carry it more but like to try and keep it nice....ugh!

It has cleared out my tiny apartment quite nicely though. I am already wishing I took before and after pictures.

I have reached my yarn, book and linen purging max though. And no one is getting a hold of my ceramic collection. That just goes unspoken. Now t-shirts.....this is going to be fun!


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