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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

100 Thing Challenge

So, it's been a long time since I have even seen my own blog. Roller derby has taken over about 4 nights and every other weekend from my life and although I am blissfully in love with the sport, it has taken away from many other aspects of my life. One being able to spend any time in the pottery studio and the other being able to keep a tidy house.
So, reading over the yahoo news I discovered many people are taking the 100 thing challenge. I have decided to jump on the band wagon as well.
Yesterday I tossed out a 45 gallon bag full of shoes, towels, blankets and miscelaneous clothing. Today I put 2 bar stools out near the curb while I was running my bath, when I left for work they were already gone. Now at work I have a stuffed past capacity bag of yarn that I am going to put on Freecycle. Tonight, the local used book store is getting 2 small boxes of books that I read years ago and for some odd reason was holding on to, and some books that I just never could get past the first chapter.
Although I live alone, I have no closets so all my worldly posessions are out for guests to see. At times, it feels cluttered to me. So, I am going to start downsizing. I have given myself a month to get down to 150 items. We'll see how this goes.
The more gentle form of this I have found is the 365 day challenge. Where you simply give up/get rid of, one personal item a day. I think I am way beyond the one item a day realm. But I am counting some things in groups such as all my bicycle gear (gloves, shoes, helmet, bike, etc).

Any one else out to simplify their lives? Anyone trying the 100 Thing Challenge?? Anyone think I am going mad?

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Unknown said...

This is the first time I have heard of the 100 Thing challenge. With two kids, a husband, two dogs, two cats and a cluttered glass studio, I don't think I could get down to 100 things.

However, I am on a continuous quest to simplify my life and get rid of things we don't need or use. Even tossing out empty shampoo bottles makes me feel better, knowing there is suddenly one less thing in the house.