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Monday, April 13, 2009

This Weeks Lineup

Some new stuff from the kiln. I have updated some of the pictures on my website, and am in the
final stretch before Twist 2.0. This past weekend was my last weekend to throw. All I have to do now is bisque and glaze and do bunches and bunches of firings. But the bulk is done, and I am totally determined not to step foot in the studio the week of Twist unless it is to pack up something. I just want to be home assembling necklaces and pricing and packing things.
So there!
Oh, I need to recommend to everyone the Easthampton Massage School. It is in the rotary on 10 in Easthampton. They have a massage clinic where you get an hour massage for $25 and it is so incredibly worth it. The students have to log so many clinic hours before graduation and they completely know what they are doing. Caveat: you are in a room with 10 other people but everything is done very discretely. All you are thinking about is why you didn't do this sooner.
They are great, I had had headaches all last week thinking it was from being tired from long nights working on Twist...it was tension. I had the massage and magically I feel terrific! They recommend you tip $5. Go, go now. Call and make an appointment!

Damaged Goods Line, Amber Key Mug $24

Damaged Goods Knife Mug, $24

Damaged Goods Tonal Mug...I only have one of these and it may be mine...I love this color way.
Going to do a few more.

Carved Leaf Soy Bowl...this is a tiny soy bowl. The picture makes it look so big!

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